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If your offer is too low or not serious, we cannot guarantee a reply.

Some domains are reserved for own use, and not for sale.

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Why some domains are not for sale?

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  • 成交价2亿!极品域名Voice.com强势登顶DN榜! 域名voice.com注册于2001年,有“声音、嗓音、表达、吐露、发言权”等含义,这枚域名由纳斯达克上市公司MicroStrategy出售,经由Godaddy中介,最后易主给了区块链终端。目前,域名Voice.com已启用建站,搭建了基于区块链的社交媒体平台Voice。值得一提的是,域名voice.com是目前为止身价排名第六的域名,也是今年域名销售排行榜上最贵的域名。
  • Our $600k Bet To Acquire And Go All In On Our Mission Um, yes… you read that right. That’s no typo. $600,000 for a domain name. Believe me, if you would have told me 3 years ago we’d be investing that much money into a domain I would have said you’re off your rocker. But today, I feel it’s one of the best investments we could have made to further our future and our mission to impact far more entrepreneurs.
  • 域名越短越国际?蘑菇街域名变为 4月26日,蘑菇街(MOGU.US)网站公告,蘑菇街域名将于今日起,由mogujie.com更换为。蘑菇街方面表示,此次将域名更换为,是为了达成英文品牌的统一。“MOGU是蘑菇街的标准英文品牌名,将英文的域名、产品名、公司名、股票代码整体统一,将进一步提高蘑菇街品牌知名度,也将有助于提升蘑菇街在海外的品牌影响力。”蘑菇街副总裁范懿铭说。
  • $30 Million Sale of Sets New Record for Highest Cash Price Paid for a Domain has changed hands for $30 million. The news came in a press release from seller MicroStrategy Inc., a public company listed on the NASDAQ (under the symbol MSTR). The buyer was, a company that is using to launch its new blockchain-based social media platform called Voice.

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